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Since the International School of Slack operates entirely on a slack-based economy, you can keep yer stinkin' money. What we need is slack, and lots of it. Unfortunately, as a new initiate to Slackology, you are probably grasping at what this actually means. For your convenience, we will use an illustration.

Course tuition is normally $500 per course, and the degree "Master of Slack" (SlackMaster(r)) requires the starting (not the completion of) ten courses. This would appear to cost $5,000 for the entire curriculum.

If you want to give us $5K, we'll take it! The money will keep this site running, and keep the vintage equipment used to power it in tip-top shape.

If not, payment can be remitted in terms of Slack Artifacts. Each Artifact is subject to approval, but some sample conversion values are provided below:

ItemEquivalent in US $ (2005)
Any 8-track$5-$50
Any Jimmy Smith recording$25
Basic 80s synthesizers$10-$200
Any Tom Kite Oracle book$30
Any station wagon (pre-1986): $1000
Vintage stereo equipment$10-$500
Hammond Organs (you ship)FREE RIDE SCHOLARSHIP

In this way, you can easily finance your education by rummaging through your old bookshelves and storage units. This helps you adjust to a slack-based currency and in turn, keeps our incipient slack levels at the necessary calibration for operation.