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Positions Available

*NEW* Translator
Description: We've had numerous requests to translate this site and course material into other languages (helping the International School of Slack to become truly international and inclusive). Languages include the gamut, ranging from Western European (French, German, English) to Chinese, Hindi, Telegu, Cantonese, etc.

Faculty -- Chunking
Requirements: Solid understanding of History of Chunking. Experience in abandoned bicycle procurement, fork modifications, in-field life-support techniques, and spot welding required. Must have completed significant college-level (or graduate) coursework in some useless field. Please submit portfolio of lo-ride bicycle mod/designs with your application.

Faculty -- Sample Identification
Requirements: Core competencies include identification of all sample content in the ouvre of the Beastie Boys (including all associated Grand Royale products, the "Oleo e Aglio" EP, and so forth). Must be able to discuss in depth the various applications and appropriations of the works of Flexmaster Funk, Grandmaster Flash, and James Brown in the "Classical Period of Musical Slack" (1993-1999). Experience in sequencing, sampling, turntable mixing, backbone slippage, and subslack generation required. Must provide samples of work.

Professional Staff -- Slack Computer Expert
Requirements: Must be able to work with ISP to provide cutting-edge, dot-com-boom style solutions. The International School of Slack needs some extra muscle for some of its projects, and staff augmentation is necessary! Experience in bulletin boards and that crizzap helpful. Also, if you know what a blog is, you got one on us! We'd like to start some of this stuff, but we have The Fear about that sort of thing.

Staff -- Web Site Maintenance and Design
Requirements: Able to generate HTML at a third-grade level, using primitive tools. Must have skill one (and only one) web programming language: Perl. No PHP wankers, JSP weenies, J2ee poseurs, Cold Fusion pretenders, or (heaven forbid) ASP/Microsoft tools need apply.

Custodian -- Headquarters
Requirements: Ability to determine "junk" from True Slack Artifacts. A Test Will Be Given! (The last person who was in this position accidentally threw out a Sears component stereo system [ca. 1976], which included an integrated 8-track tape player and recorder along with a push-button FM/FMX/AM tuner that worked a lot like an old car radio--needless to say, they were gone the next day).