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Course Catalog

The two sections below list the required coursework for a Master of Slack (SlackMaster) certificate from the International School of Slack. Please contact us for a full list of course offerings.

Not all courses are taught every learning period (semester). Depending on faculty availability and other contingencies, courses listed here may not be offered at all times. Please contact your slacademic advisor for details.

General Education Courses

SL-101Intro to Slack
SL-102Fundamentals of Slack
SL-109Student Loan Finance - I
SL-110Essentials of Musical Instrument Pawning
SL-111Student Loan Default Options
SL-122Survey of Alcoholic Beverages
SL-123Advanced Beer Delivery Systems
SL-130Culinary Surival (Ramen procurement and preparation)
SL-201Fundamentals of Music (Band Group Dynamics Seminar)
SL-202Avoiding Sellout (Band Group Dynamics Advanced Seminar)
SL-203Advanced Band Lifestyle (No, your girlfriend can't be in the band)
SL-212Survey of Consumer Credit Disasters
SL-229Theory and Philosophy of Beer
SL-233Identifying the poseur in Slack Culture (Beck Seminar)
SL-267Dumpster Diving and Thrift Shop Grift

Advanced Coursework

SL-301Applying Slack to Computers
SL-302Meeting Survival: Strategies and Avoidance Maneuvers
SL-305Work Avoidance Techniques
SL-310How to turn the tables on a recording industry executive (instructor' permission required)
SL-312Using Perl to Avoid Work (Computer topic)
SL-329Independent Finance--Theory and Practice of Self-Funding
SL-339History of Computer Languages and Online Bulletin Boards
SL-344Insults and Humor with Photoshop
SL-359Global Finance and the Beer Industry--Stretching your Beer Dollar
SL-379Independent Study in Slack (topics TBA)

Certificate Project

To obtain the Master of Slack (SlackMaster(r)) certificate, a large-scale independent study must be undertaken. This is often in the form of a gigantic project that ultimately is a waste of time and a supreme gesture of futility and non-wealth-creation. Some examples of past student projects include:

At the completion of the special project, the successful student will be presented with the Master of Slack (SlackMaster(r)) diploma.