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The International School Of Slack is your Distance Education Choice for quality, affordable education in a variety of subject areas. Feel free to browse this site and become further acquainted with the many ways studying Slack through our proven methods will help you get more (or less) out of your life!

The International School of Slack offers in-person seminars as well as Distance Learning. Course topics include a variety of subjects, all taught from the perspective that "less is more." The training you receive in the International School of Slack will help the student, the professional, and scientist, and the artist.

As a student in the International School of Slack, you will learn to reap the promises of a Slack lifestyle: Increased Financial Security, Improved Health (lower blood pressure), and Increased Productity can all be yours! Our unique program of mentoring will provide you with a certified SlackMaster(r) to guide you in your study of all that is slack!

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Latest News

International School Of Slack Launches New Website!

14 Jan 07

Thanks to a variety of people, the SoS site has been overhauled! We're Not Accredited by Any Governing Institution

22 Dec 06

That's right--what happens at the International School of Slack stays at the International School of Slack!


The International School of Slack can provide you with the edge you need! The key difference between us and other institutions is that it's not what we teach, but how we teach it. Obtaining maximal slack from your existence is not the topic of discussion at standard universities, but it's the only topic of discussion at the International School of Slack!


After you've completed your basic requirements, you may choose to study discipline-specific areas, including (but not limited to) Computers (programming, administration, and conference calls), Music Lifestyles, and Philosophy (slackentelechy), Marketing, Idling, and Surreality (intermediate and advanced).

Also, an individual program of self-study can be initiated at the student's request, allowing you to custom-tailor your program to your needs!


Tuition is charged on a sliding scale, allowing students of all incomes to equally suffer. It is the philosophy of the International School of Slack that without suffering, it is impossible to truly learn. We guarantee you that you will feel appropriately assaulted through our rigorous curriculum! Click here for more!

At the International School of Slack, we believe that Slack is its own reward. Your tuition goes only to pay for the maintenance of this site, subslack calibration, and necessary materials for instructor research and curriculum development.

Your Slack Is Our Business

As a graduate from the International School of Slack, you will be able to immediately apply your new skills to whatever vocation you may choose--or not choose, depending on your personal tastes. We pride ourselves on being able to provide you a low-cost way of learning how to apply Slack at the proper time and achieve heightened surreality subslack spatiality.