Ed Slack and the Slackestra! (Artist's Rendition)

Slack Research Page

Although it seems a little unusual to have a musician's page dedicated to R&D, it's totally necessary with the Slackestra.

Most bands fall into one of two categories. The first group spends weeks in someone's garage or basement learning how to perform someone else's music and they do it so they can impress the audience by sounding as much as possible like someone else.

The other bunch is filled with well-meaning people who are going to make it and have a CD's worth of originals they're taking all over, waiting for their big break.


The Slackestra tires of such exercises. You can only play "Black in Back" so many times before you want to off yourself, and if the industry is so uphill that Top Stars® like Janet Jackson have to rip their shirts off to get a few million extra album sales, we want no part of it. We don't want to learn "The Macarena" so we can get a gig playing at the ramada, we don't want to get Jim Bob's rich uncle to pay ten grand to make a studio ablum, and we sure don't want to kiss ass to get Record Deal, since we're self-funded and completely independent of The Man.

Yes, that's right...Completely independent. Self-funded.

The Slackestra's R&D efforts are divided into several distinct categories:

  • Composition
  • De-Composition (reverse engineering)
  • Surreality development
  • Time shifting
  • Slack Restoration technologies

    So what does this all mean?

    It means that Slack is TRULY its own reward. If you're in a band that's making no money and you're eating Ramen noodles (or worse) twice a day, you're on the right track. Keep on keepin' on. Slack is its own reward, dudes.

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